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The Canadian Premier International Education Agency Awards (CPIEA) is an initiative that recognizes and celebrates the excellence of international education agencies. It encompasses the CPIEA Awards, Accreditation, and the Global Summit, each designed to promote high standards of quality and ethical practices within the global education industry.

The CPIEA was founded by CLLC’s visionary leader, Aly Rajab, with the aim of establishing a benchmark for excellence in the international education sector.

The CPIEA Awards are presented in four categories: new, small, mid-sized, and large agencies, to reflect the diversity within the international education industry.

Winners are chosen by an independent panel of industry experts based on rigorous criteria that include ethical conduct, integrity, innovation, and outstanding service delivery.

CPIEA Accreditation is a prestigious recognition available exclusively to CPIEA award-winning agencies, serving as a mark of their commitment to the highest standards of service quality and ethical practices.

Eligible agencies can begin the accreditation application process by submitting detailed information on various aspects of their operations, including legal compliance, ethical conduct, quality assurance, and more, as outlined in the CPIEA Accreditation criteria.

Yes, all applicants must agree to adhere to the CPIEA Code of Ethics, which emphasizes integrity, transparency, and fairness.

The CPIEA Global Summit is an annual event that brings together education professionals to network, collaborate, and discuss challenges and opportunities within the international education sector.

The Global Summit is attended by CPIEA award-winning agencies decision makers and selected educational institutions.

International education agencies can apply for CPIEA Awards. If an agency wins one of the CPIEA awards, they become eligible to apply for CPIEA Accreditation.

CPIEA maintains a stringent selection and evaluation process, including detailed application requirements, a commitment to the Code of Ethics, and the requirement for transparency and accountability in all practices.

For more information about the CPIEA Global Summit, please visit our website

Agencies interested in participating in the CPIEA Global Summit can express their interest by applying and winning one of the CPIEA awards. The CPIEA team will provide invitation as per the CPIEA Global Summit policy.