Apply For Accreditation

Step forward and distinguish your agency as a beacon of excellence within the international education sector. Click below to access the application form. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your agency’s commitment to quality and ethical recruitment practices.

Application Window

Submit your application between
June 1 and June 30
of every year

Judging Period

Our panel of judges will review applications and award accreditations in July, valid for two years until the next following July.

Notification of Results

Applicants not approved will receive notification with the opportunity to reapply in the subsequent year.

Application Assistance

 Provide a brief yet informative history starting from the year of establishment. Highlight your mission and core values, emphasizing your dedication to ethical practices and integrity in all business operations.

Mention all relevant awards, recognitions, and industry-related certifications, specifically those related to ethical standards. Include the awarding bodies, years received, and how these accolades support your agency’s credibility

Describe your strategies in a way that showcases your commitment to ethical, transparent, and fair practices. Explain how you avoid misrepresentation or fraud and detail the impact of your marketing initiatives.

Clearly state your compliance with international education laws and outline your anti-fraud policies. If applicable, demonstrate transparency by disclosing and explaining any past legal disputes or ethical issues.

Explain the measures you’ve implemented to secure student data, such as encryption and secure storage. Emphasize your adherence to data protection laws and ethical handling of student information.

Detail your methods for ensuring service quality, including performance reviews and feedback mechanisms. Explain how you use feedback to prevent fraud and continuously improve services.

Describe your policies and procedures that prioritize student safety, including emergency preparedness and the provision of support services. Illustrate how you address challenges faced by students.

Outline your procedures for verifying the credentials of your staff, agents, and partners. Explain your process for authenticating student documents to ensure the integrity of the admissions process.

Detail specific actions you take to prevent fraudulent behavior, such as audits and training programs. Provide examples of how you educate staff and stakeholders on identifying and reporting fraud.

Explain your approach to staying current with local and international regulations affecting educational agency operations. Emphasize your proactive measures to comply with these regulations.

Offer a clear picture of your agency’s ownership structure and the measures you take to ensure financial transparency. Detail how you manage and account for funds, showcasing your integrity in financial dealings.

Discuss the fair and ethical terms of your agreements with educational institutions. Provide evidence of your due diligence process to ensure that partner schools meet your agency’s ethical standards.