Executive Committee

The CPIEA Executive Committee is comprised of past CPIEA winners who are elected to serve a two-year term. This committee represents a diverse group of international education leaders who are deeply committed to promoting the success of international students. Their ongoing contributions to the CPIEAs include developing policies and projects, strategic planning, ensuring quality assurance, and promoting the advancement of the program. Their participation is essential to the continued growth and success of the CPIEAs, and their influence within the international education community is invaluable.

Felipe is an expert in the South American language exchange industry. A long-time entrepreneur, he is an experienced negotiator who manages relationships from initial contact to closing. He has vast experience managing teams, and his entrepreneurial attitude, have made him a very respected leader in the English language industry.

Felipe brings a wealth of entrepreneurial spirit to the CPIEA Executive Committee. His brand-focused vision of the CPIEA B2B event, and its promotion, will provide a strong foundation on which it can build.

Since 2009, Sindibad Education Consultancy has been an education abroad leader in Saudi Arabia. As founder, Ayman has grown Sindibad into a multi location business sending students to over 18 countries globally. Ayman is a true professional – certified by the British Council, PIER Australia, Canada Course Graduate, US Course Graduate, and Education New Zealand.

Ayman brings this sense of professionalism to the CPIEA Executive Committee along with a belief in strong industry partnerships. His dedicated business background continues to drive the committee to maintain higher standards in the development of the CPIEAs.

Ana Beatriz Faulhaber  (Bea) has 18 years of teaching experience at the high school and university level and more than 30 years of experience in the field of international education and student recruitment in Brazil. She has a Post-Graduate Degree in Higher Education Teaching and Tourism Innovation, a Master’s Degree in Education, and is a Certified Cross–Culture Trainer and Certified Professional Coach. 

Founder and CEO of CP4 Cursos no  Exterior|Traveller, Bea is a member of the Ethical Committee of BELTA – Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association- as well as Regional Coordinator for the Rio de Janeiro area. From 2016 to 2018, she was Vice President of the Business Women Association – BPW,  in Rio de Janeiro.

Claudia Gomez has more than 20 years of experience in Education Management and Public Relations.

Founder and CEO of Vamos Canada, a study abroad agency that specialized in promoting Canada, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand among others as destinations for students from all over the world. They are committed to providing their clients with a unique experience of living and studying abroad, allowing them to develop new skills and contributing to their personal and professional growth.