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CPIEA History Timeline

Aly Rajab , Chairman

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“Join the ranks of industry excellence as a potential award winner! Our recipients epitomize superior standards with values of ethics, integrity, leadership, quality, and community engagement. As the CPIEAs and CLLC founder, I am thrilled by CLLC’s unwavering support for the CPIEAs. These prestigious awards offer a free application process and Accreditation to deserving agencies that demonstrate top-tier service quality and ethical dedication. Beyond recognition, the CPIEAs foster a supportive community ethos. Winning means becoming part of the CPIEA family, where mutual support is encouraged. Embrace our values at the CPIEA Global Summit, bringing together top agencies and education leaders,” – Said Aly Rajab

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CEO, Academic Success Group
Karla Cisneros Rosado
Strategic Foresight Analyst
Christopher Mossop
Chartered Professional Accountant
Mr. Arthur Haroutioun Tabrizi
President TABCON Engineering

The Progress

CPIEA Awards, Accreditation, and Global Summit: Shaping the Future of Global Education

The Canadian Premier International Education Awards (CPIEA) have established themselves as a beacon of excellence within the international education industry, thanks to the foresight and dedication of Aly Rajab, founder and chairman of CLLC.ca. Recognizing the transformative role of international education agencies in shaping lives and careers, Aly Rajab embarked on a mission to create a framework that would celebrate the exemplary and distinguish the exceptional agencies from the good ones.

The Visionary Inception of CPIEA

Aly’s conviction in the need for a robust, equitable framework led to the creation of the CPIEA, formerly known as the CLLC Agency Awards and briefly referred to as “PABAs.” Since its inception, the CPIEA has been about more than just awarding excellence; it is about setting a high standard in the international education industry and inspiring agencies to achieve greatness. It was Aly’s pioneering spirit that, in 2008, saw him approach industry leaders to help establish an awards system that would elevate the agency business globally. Despite limited support, his vision became a reality, giving rise to a framework that benefited international agencies without any cost to apply or receive the award, thereby enhancing the integrity and value of the recognition.

A Legacy of Recognition and Excellence

Over the years, the CPIEA has honored over 80 agencies from 33 countries, a testament to the award’s prestigious stature and international reach. As the CPIEA moves into its second decade milestone (2024-2030), it continues to set the pinnacle for agency achievement with the CPIEA Accreditation. This accreditation is not just an emblem of honor; it represents an agency’s unwavering dedication to ethical standards and unparalleled excellence.

The CPIEA’s rigorous application process ensures that only those agencies that truly represent the best in the industry are acknowledged. The awards ceremony itself is not just a celebratory event but a forum where agencies can demonstrate their success and exchange best practices, fostering a community of continuous improvement and excellence.

The Global Summit: A Convergence of Educational Leaders

Complementing the awards and accreditation, the CPIEA Global Summit offers an exclusive opportunity for selected educational institutions to engage with the crème de la crème of the industry. Anticipating participation from up to 32 confirmed entities, the summit is a prime networking event that promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing among the top-tier professionals in the field.

The summit is strategically designed to allow for intimate and meaningful interactions, where 10 selected schools join the prestigious CPIEA community. This not only helps the schools to gain insights from award-winning agencies but also enables them to contribute to the global dialogue on educational trends and challenges.

The CPIEA’s Impact and Future Outlook

Under Aly Rajab’s visionary leadership, the CPIEA has significantly impacted the international education landscape, becoming a coveted accolade that agencies across the world aspire to achieve. As CLLC proudly stands as the Innovator Sponsor, they maintain an operational role within the awards, separate from the judging process, ensuring impartiality and integrity.

As we look ahead to the future, the CPIEA’s focus remains steadfast on recognizing a growing number of outstanding agencies, with a target of 50 to be honored for their contributions to the industry by 2030. The CPIEA will continue to symbolize the gold standard of quality, ethics, and innovation in international education, shaping the future of the industry for decades to come.