Mission, Vision & Values

The CPIEAs were born with an express vision of “A World Where Education is Valued and Celebrated,” and a mission “To Recognize the People Who Make Education Their Mission,” the CPIEA’s highlight the efforts and dedication of those educational agencies affecting positive change in the industry.

Discover the beginning to end process of applying for the CPIEAs. Learn the answers to such questions as:
– Why should I be interested in the CPIEAs?
– Why do the CPIEAs exist?
– What is the application process?
– What are the CPIEAs all about?

How the CPIEAs Work?
The Foundation of CPIEAs

The CPIEAs take pride in their history and how far the awards have come. From first recognizing a need to now continually celebrating the global impact of agencies worldwide, the CPIEA’s remain dedicated to making the students journey a memorable one.


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