2021 - 2022

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COVID-19: Re-build Your Agency!

Over the last year and a half, we’ve all endured the challenges brought on by COVID-19.

We’ve rallied our teams and faced those difficulties head on.

The question is: Have our efforts made a difference?

Have we used the right money managing strategies?

Have we been able to offset and cut costs where necessary?

Have our HR policies stood up to the COVID-19?

As the ultimate goals for every business are sustainability and profitability, has the pandemic thrown your company into disarray, or is your vision still clear?

Is your culture still intact or have cuts and layoffs damaged employee trust?

In this timely and relevant seminar, you’ll discover the strategies and tactics to prepare for the unexpected life events that could threaten the future of your business. This will be an opportunity for CPIEA administrators and past CPIEA winners to discuss the reality behind making things work, even at the darkest of times.


Building Your Business Culture

We all travel the world to attend educational workshops, conferences, the CPIEAs, etc. We then go back to our offices & work with our teams to service our clients. Research shows that today’s busy work
lifestyle is an issue that deserves to be addressed.
Do you think that working, travelling & meeting with many strangers may lead to work stress & maybe
even unhappiness?
If the ultimate goal for each human is happiness, how can we, as business owners, get there if we never
spend the time to reflect on the connection between happiness & a positive business culture.
In this dynamic seminar you will not only learn key tools to test & fix your business culture, which will lead
you towards happiness, but you will help your team achieve the same goal. To put this seminar into practice, we will utilize the CPIEA association & all winners, including yourselves, to learn the steps necessary first hand.

Is Investing in a Student Fair Worth It?

Fairs play a critical role in the international education business model. However, some agents have tried organizing their own fairs & found them not worth the investment. On the other hand, some others are relying on their seasonal fairs as the major attractions to student traffic.
What do you think?
Have you tried a fair? Why? Why Not?..and how was it?
This topic will seek to address if fairs are a worthwhile strategy & how CPIEA winners can benefit from avoiding or adopting a student fair as a marketing tool. This discussion panel will allow a full picture view
& give you the perspective from each side of the model.

Is a Franchise Your Best Growth Strategy

Franchising can be both an exciting & daunting proposition. The idea of expanding your business to serve other markets with your brand, while you reap the financial rewards, is certainly a great concept.
However, would an existing smaller agent find the idea of working with a larger agency appealing?
Doesn’t it mean that the smaller agency would lose their initial business dream & brand.
Or, is it an opportunity to grow much faster by joining a larger organization?
Do you have any experience with the franchise model?
This discussion will look at the pros & cons of a partnership between large agencies & smaller or sub agents.
CPIEA winners range from small to large, making this a relevant topic that speaks to the entirety of the CPIEA audience.

The Business Case for “Ethical” Commission

Have you ever been asked by one of your students how you get paid from their business? Is this a question you feel comfortable answering, or do you try to avoid it altogether?
Regardless of how you approach it, there’s no question that speaking about commission can sometimes feel like a “dirty little secret.”
How should you answer questions from your students about commission rates? Cultures have different
perspectives regarding businesses, including agents, receiving commission payments – For some it is
unacceptable, for others it is seen as reasonable.
The discussion is aimed at helping CPIEA winners deal with sales & commission in an ethical way.

Lugza & Huntzi: The Latest Technology in Student Booking

You’ve no doubt bought airline tickets or made hotel reservations online through one of the major booking sites. Have you ever wondered how they work & how they seem to get you the best deals at the right times? Well, Lugza & Huntzi are new proven dynamic pricing platforms for our industry.
Lugza is a B2B secure platform only accessible by approved agents to buy discounted courses. While Huntzi is a B2C open platform for students to purchase discounted courses. Both platforms support local
agents & create a “win-win-win” solution for agencies, schools & students.
The CPIEA Executive Committee discussed the opportunity of an exclusive partnership between these two platforms & the CPIEA. By visiting the website above you will notice that Aly Rajab created both
platforms, making the potential partnership possible.
During this topic we will discuss the pros & cons of such a partnership & if it would benefit the CPIEA
winners to increase their sales revenue & provide them with a value proposition to differentiate them
among their competitors.