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Students are the reason for the CPIEA’s. The CPIEA’s find students with difficult life circumstances who would greatly benefit from educational training in Canada, and provide it for them. These opportunities are generously provided by a Canadian educational provider and positively change the future of the selected students, their families and their communities. The CPIEACP is proud of transforming lives forever.

The CPIEA’s award students who will personally benefit from such an opportunity, but who will also go back to their home country and help their communities prosper.

Recipients receive the following recognition:

1.Shortlisted recipients are promoted through the CPIEA website, Facebook page and Twitter accounts.
2.Recipients have access to the CPIEA website and social media channels for self-promotion
3.A beautiful glass award to be received by yourself or your representative at the rehearsal reception
4.Receive complimentary admission for you and two guests valued at $300
5.Opportunity to promote your business or personal brand through a one minute promotional video during the gala evening
6.Receive an elegant plaque in front of the gala audience
7.Receive a professionally mounted wall certificate
8.Press Release highlighting your recognition to the international education media: The Pie News, ICEF Monitor, IALC Newsletter and others
9.Opportunities for exposure in front of local and international media sources
10.Improve staff motivation and self-confidence

2016 Recipients
Abdulrazaq Ibrahim S Althobaiti
Daria Buniakina
Hector Osnaider Correa Ballesteros
Jean Frances Pesse