The CPIEA’s award the following categories:

1. Associations that represent both schools and agents for a commitment to their members and a collective responsibility towards the international students they serve.

2. Businesses who invest in human development, market intelligence, and who ease the transition and travel experiences of international students by providing innovative products with excellent customer service.

3. Government local communities and public sector leaders who support the educational sector through their innovative initiatives, ethics, and a vision towards extending a helping hand to the world.

4. School leaders who successfully create an environment that positively impacts their international students’ lives.

5. Recruiters which uphold the highest standards of excellence by an expert volunteer judging panel in the following four categories: New Agency of the Year, Dynamic Agency of the Year, Small Agency of the Year, and Agency of the Year.

6. Students who are the reason for the CPIEA’s. The CPIEA’s find students with difficult life circumstances who would greatly benefit from an educational training scholarship in Canada, and provide it for them. These scholarships are generously sponsored by a Canadian educational provider and positively change the future of the selected students, their families and their communities. The CPIEA is proud of transforming lives forever.

Recipients in each of these categories are awarded a CPIEA according to their active participation and strategic initiatives in the local and global education industries.

More information about the above categories are available by browsing the website menus.

The CPIEA welcome public and private nominations at