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The seeds of the Canadian Premier International Education Awards (CPIEA’s) were planted in 2010 under its original name, the Premier Agency Business Awards (PABA), when Aly Rajab, CEO and President of the Canadian Language Learning College (CLLC), thought drastic changes were needed within the international education industry world wide. He first strongly believed that a standard of quality for educational recruiters who recruit international students to overseas destinations was needed in order to ensure fair business practices and greater student experiences.

By 2015 this prestigious award recognized and celebrated educational agencies worldwide whose business practices upheld only the highest standards in the areas of educational ethics, integrity, strategy, innovation and leadership. The elite educational agencies who won a PABA didn’t only recruit international students to study abroad but provided them with exceptional guidance, care and service to ensure that they adjust to their new life in Canada.

In the first five years the PABAs have recognized 58 nominees with 30 winners in four categories from more than 20 countries.

With the same objective of transforming lives and in the spirit of giving, the PABAs evolved to include the PABA Charity Program (PABACP), which is now known as the “Student Category.” Through the generous contribution of sponsors and the dedicated work of the PABA winners in the four categories, four international students from four different countries are chosen annually to receive a life changing full 12 week scholarship to study English in Canada. Recipients experience the best of Canadian living and are committed to improving their lives so they can improve their communities. It’s a program that embraces the practice of global giving.

As the PABAs continue to evolve, it became increasingly clear that international students are not only supported by outstanding recruiters. They are supported directly and indirectly by government agencies, businesses, recruiter and school associations, and educational institutions, which go above and beyond to attract, recruit, and help international students in the pursuit of their education.

After the tremendous success over the last five years, and due to the need to recognize the other stake holders in the international education industry, it was decided that a change to the name and objectives was vital. As such, 2016 witnessed the birth of a new revolution, the Canadian Premier International Education Awards (CPIEAs), that aims to reward those who are changing the face of international education.